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Well. It's been freaken forever....
by JChurch13
Well. It has been freaken forever since I've posted a blog (and comic) but I'm gonna fix that! Look, new blog!!!!. Anyways, I've actually had a (filler) comic done for like 4 weeks. Yeah. Shut up. I try. Anyways, I'm at the beach now, but Sunday when I get back, I will try to get the comic posted. Anyways, be sure to check out the my fav. webcomics page and read up on those while I am gone. That bittersweet candy bowl comic is pretty good. Also, the new season of red vs. Blue has also started. Check it out, nooch. Long blog. Blarg
by JChurch13

Recently, there has been a big disaster where I live. I'm sure many of you have heard about the devastating tornadoes here in Alabama. (mostly due to my readers living here...) Anyway, I haven't been able to work on comics lately, due to helping people. I'm thinking about starting a charity thingy where I draw something for 0.01 - 1.00 dollar. All precedes would go to the relief. The only problem is, most people woukd probably get mad at how horrible the drawings are but oh well. It's for a good cause. Peace

by JChurch13

Yeah. It's been a total of 2 weeks since I've updated the comic. I'm pretty sure people are getting mad,but you know, I could care less. Anyways, I've had plenty of good reasons. Like last week I had to uh....get a haircut. Then this week I had to cut grass. Nah, not really. I've just been really busy lately due to track. Also I had ACT testing and Auburn's spring game. What's worse is next week I have to do a ton of traveling. First I gotta go to Hoover, then Corner, then Hoover again. However, I'll make a deal with you guys. If I don't get the comic updated by Saturday, I'll stop making comics.

My Week
by JChurch13

Well, I've been sick all week and last weekend, so I had a lot of free time. So while I wasn't finishing the comic like I was supposed to, I was trying to beat Reach on Legendary by myself. Finally did it, so now I need to do comic stuff. Also, yeah this has been the first blog update in like 2 months. Snootch.

That's a Lesson Learned
by JChurch13

Well, at least this experiance has given me an idea for the next comic. I finally got the comic I was supposed to update last week finished, so I'll update it this Saturday. Also, Go Celtics. Oh yeah, go vote.